Upravit stránku

Storage is not only an offer of suitable space. We know how to ensure storage related services for our clients, and the experience we have acquired over many years of providing storage. 
Our ideal assistants for goods handling, warehousing, logistics are: 

  • telescopic handlers, which are equipped with a telescopic retractable arm with a maximum vertical reach 17 meters and a maximum working load of 4 500 kg. Equipment are part of the pallet fork, which have lateral movement to allow easier and more accurate cargo storage and loading shovel for light materials with a capacity of 2.5 m3. The practical advantage is the low overall height for access to small buildings. Small turning radius and crab operation offers excellent maneuverability.
  • worm conveyer CanAgro type EMD 1046 transports material trough the use of steel spiral. We have also a conveyer charging hopper, which by the loading avoid useless waste of material.
  • belt conveyer type GrainBelt 1545 transports material trough the use of PVC belt and guide rollers.  It´s able to transport goods up to the height of 5,2 m.
  • the calibrated road double-bridge scale with non-automatic mechanism are of the precision class III. and fulfil the requirements of standard ČSN EN 45501+AC, with a maximum weighing rate of 60,000 kg, length 20m and width 3 m. 
Telescopic manipulator with a maximum vertical reach 17 m
Loader when unloading cereals into the warehouse
Telescopic manipulator with  loading shovel with a capacity of 2.5 m3

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