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We have several logistic centres. The strategic position is a significant advantage of our central logistic area, ZDEMAR LogisticPark in Chabařovice. Warehous hall and storage area is located approximately 1 km from Ústí nad Labem, at the D8 motorway, Exit 74. 

Chabařovice Warehouse Hall

We offer single-floor three-aisled hall with a storage area of 3 000 m2. The warehouse is adapted for the storage of loose and palletized goods. Clients may use a telescopic manipulator which enables easy loading and unloading of goods from the vehicle into the storage premises and vice versa.

Informations about warehouse hall:

Locality: at highway D8, Exit 74 - Ústí nad Labem, Chabařovice industrial zone
Total storage area: 3 000 m2
Warehouse height: 8 m
Number of storage places: 1,000 euro palettes
Tempered warehouse: 1,850 m2
Number of gates: 4
Security: security service 24 hours daily
Additional equipment: a scale for trucks, parking, warehouse serviceable using handlers, fork-lift trucks, and a belt conveyor and auger conveyor. 

Storage and parking area in Chabařovice

We also offer 12.000 m2 of outside parking space and a storage area on the large territory of the ZDEMAR LogisticPark in Chabařovice. The area is suitable for storage of freely placed material and goods, which do not need to be stored in a dry place and which are not  subject to climatic influence. Vehicle sets, trailers, wrecked cars and other vehicles can also be parked there for a long term.

Informations about the storage area

Location: the D8 motorway, Exit 74 - Usti nad Labem, an industrial zone Chabařovice 
Lay a total storage space: 12 000 m2
Number of storage sites: 10 000 pieces or pallets up to 5000 tons of bulk goods. 
Security: Security service 24 hours a day 
Other equipment: weight for trucks, parking, storage facilities and access by manipulators and lift trucks.

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