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Celebration of the 20th company anniversary

Traditionally, January was the month of a New Year’s Eve party in ZDEMAR.
This year, the entire party was held in a ceremonial tone as ZDEMAR celebrated its impressive 20th anniversary since the day the company was established.

ZDEMAR - development of the company's human resource competencies

We have successfully launched a project named ZDEMAR - development of the company's human resource competencies. The project, which is co-financed from EU funds, aims to improve the competence of selected individuals through a wide range of educational activities.

Events for carriers 2017

We simply love a good  barbecue! We have organized one such barbecue not only for us, but mainly for our TOP carriers in the beautiful picturesque environment of Strážovské Vrchy - Čičmany. 

Salesman training

As our company cares about the education if its employees, we have prepared a series of salesman training events focused on their skills and their ability to negotiate and strengthen team spirit.