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We own a fully equipped laboratory with professional service. We specialize in the analysis of agricultural bulk commodities (sunflower seeds, corn, cereals, rapeseed and others). We offer the measurement of humidity, temperature, bulk density, and the measurement of nitrogenous substances and the falling number. The measured values can be used in both a business relationship and a legal dispute. 

Our ideal aids in the laboratory are: 

  • the analyser, which uses the method of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS).
  • a device for determining the falling number. The falling number is an internationally standardized method for determining alpha-amylase activity in grains, flour and other products containing starch, in particular wheat and rye. 
  • automatic hygrometer: is a capacitive hygrometer which we use to measure humidity in cereals, legumes, and oilseeds. 
  • electronic scale with a mono-metal tuning-fork sensor (MMTS) and a hammer grinder. 
Work in the laboratory
sample grinding
our laboratory technician
analysis of cereal samples
cereal sample weighing
Sample analysis
Wheat sample analysis